Donate A Car. Show You Care for Vietnam Veterans.

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Maybe you were born before they made their sacrifices. Maybe you were born after. Maybe you were born much much later. donate a car

Whichever way it is, there’s no way you wouldn’t know about the Vets of the ’70s and how much their lives have stood for. The Vietnam war was a turning point in USA’s history and the people who fought for her are now in their 60s and beyond.

They need your support. They donated lives. You can donate a car to support their continuing welfare.

Your car has already served you well. Let it serve the nation in its own way now. The proceeds of used-car sales will go towards their benefit in an organized way through the car donations program for Vietnam Veterans.

So how do you start making a difference? It’s a simple 3-step process. Fill an online form. Schedule your vehicle pickup. And receive a tax deduction. Yes! You actually receive a tax benefit for doing what’s morally good! And the fact that you make yourself happier and worthy in the process is a bonus!

Stop looking up how to donate a car and click this link right away. After 40 years, now it’s your time!


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