The Problem With Network Marketing

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The problem with Internet Marketing and Network Marketing is not one of getting – or not getting – traffic. Getting – or not getting – buyers, interviews, visitors, leads or any fancy word that describes someone who will listen to you.

The problem lies in you.

I was reading a particular buddhist text today that got me to reflect on the fact that the reason people are not so very successful with internet or network marketing is the same reason a lot of people do not embrace a new religion (which was Buddhism’s early issues).

And this problem manifests in the packaging of the subjects of Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. Let me explain.

You see, with all good intent, network marketers – online or offline – tell their prospects on the phone or through their websites that they have something like a panacea and the others do not have it. It is like they are on a pedestal while the others are a floor below. Like they have achieved (or are on the path to) enlightenment and others are in a sordid crappy mess.

Now, it is obvious others would not like to know or admit to this, however true it might be. So there are only two options.

One is to lower the prospect by defining his (or her) reality… as I just did above.

And the other is to raise one’s own reality so that the contrast is apparent.

Now you might ask, “well I haven’t achieved any of the success, so how do I honestly raise my reality?” This is where edification comes in as a weapon. The Buddha was edified. Your upline / company / team mates can be edified. Stand in the reflect light of achievement. And you’ll be on your way!

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