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From the magazine ‘Dharma Nectar’ Vol 28 / 2009, I quote the head of the Kagyu sect of Buddhism, Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, on the following about “Living the Dharma”…

Generally when most people try to practice Dharma, or say that they practice Dharma they sometimes understand it as a ritual, something that you do with your body, your speech, or through special actions or activities. And if that is the case, then you need to devote special time for that activity.

However if you look deeply, the Dharma is not only that. Dharma is not a ritual. It is not something you do with your body and speech. It is actually something that transforms your mind.

You do not need to find special time for this kind of Dharma practice. You can do this form of practice even while you engage in your profession, your work. It involves reflecting on your aspirations, your way of thinking, and how you can act and react. When you change that, along with how you relate to other people – through your reactions and connections – you become aware of what you are doing. Examining that and then working in this was is, I think, a very important kind of Dharma Practice.

In my life I feel that I am becoming increasingly busy. I feel that the time I have for sadhana practices and meditation is steadily decreasing. These days I meet many people and try to help them. My practice generally revolves around my way of thinking and how I actually live my life. I try to live my life with the intention of benefiting other beings. I look at my mind and my intentions, and see whether or not my priority is the happiness of others. At this time that is essentially my main practice.

When I was young I spent a lot of time reciting prayers and doing meditation both morning and evening. Each time I would spend about one hour on these prayers. However these days I meet many people with whom I make loving connections.

Therefore when I am awake, when I am eating, or even when I am asleep, I think about the people who I meet. These people appear in front of me, whether close to me or within my mind, and so I feel that I am not separated fro them. Therefore I feel that my practice, “living the Dharma”, is more vibrant and filled with direct feelings. It is not like simply doing prayers when one does not have living people to connect with. So the practice I do nowadays has become alive and real because I am directly dealing with people who are actually there and with whom I have a relationship.


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