Buddhism and Network Marketing: Success Principles

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To assimilate the first four articles in this series, please start here.

To generate Boddhicitta (the mind of enlightenment) is like climbing up a flight of stairs. We must begin slowly at the foot of the stairs. Much like your position when you enter network marketing.

It does not matter whether you have been incredibly successful or an utter failure in the past. As a networker you start at the bottom of the stairs and everyone has true equal opportunity.

Can we make it to the top? We have to think.

With the progressive stages of practice we still need to consider whether the basis and root of practice accord with the Dharma. Likewise as a networker, unless our practices accord with the universal principles of success, making it to the top is questionable.

So what are these universal principles of success? The Sakhya school’s Oral Pith Instructions of renunciation say, “Those who still have attachment to this life cannot be qualified as practitioners.” From this we can see that being free from attachment to this life is the correct attitude in Dharma practice.

As to the criterion for having abandoned this life we have to generate genuine aversion to the eight worldly concerns. And they are: Gain, Loss, Fame, Disgrace, Praise, Blame, Pleasure and Pain.

“What on earth!” you say. What am I in network marketing for if not gain, fame, praise and pleasure? Isn’t this what I bear all the pain and disgrace for? For they are temporary while gain, fame, praise and pleasure are permanent for a successful networker. How can I forsake these four foundations and where does that take me?

Well, here’s the good news. Network marketing is not about generating Boddhicitta. It is thus really an easier option to living a full life.

The success principles here are about (1) Giving – give without an expectation of return. (2) Clearing – clear up the things you don’t want to make room for the things you do want. (3) Creative visualization – create a clear mental picture of what you do want and speak it into existence by writing it down and repeating twice daily. (4) Enthusiasm – be one with the God within. Enthusiasm comes from the latin root en-theos (God inside).

These are the four universal success principles that apply to every successful network marketing professional. For more on this read my book on network marketing success at www.ArriveAtSuccess.info

With inputs from ‘Dharma Nectar’ Vol 24 / 2005


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  1. Saloni says:

    This is the most awesome correlation I have read between Buddhism and network marketing. The series of 5 articles are extremely well thought of and written. Truly motivating.

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