Buddhism and Network Marketing: The Second Jewel, ‘Dharma’

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In case you missed the first two articles in this series, please start reading here.

The Dharma is very important because although we take refuge in the Buddha, he does not have the power to save us from samsara by pulling us up with his own hands. If this were possible he would have done it and samsara would have been emptied a long time ago. We have to walk the path ourselves and achieving the ultimate liberation is completely down to us.

Similar is the case with network marketing. While the systems and companies are set up to ensure success, few people succeed because it calls for taking personal responsibility for your business. You don’t ‘join’ network marketing… you ‘own’ a networking business. And then you ‘teach’ others the process to ‘own’ theirs.

Let me tell you a story related by the Dharma Nectar magazine. Once upon a time there was this master who had many disciples, monasteries and Buddhist institutions and his Dharma activities spread far and wide. People would come around to ask him questions even on the most trivial matters. The master was quite troubled by this and as time went on the master was only solving people’s problems.

Some disciples were worried and asked him, “Master you are so busy these days… if your activities continue to prosper won’t you have more headaches?” The master replied, “It’s still manageable… one day if I get tired of it I’ll move to Mount Everest.”

Matters did not improve so he moved to Everest but since it has many tourists they soon became disciples and troubled him with lots of questions. The master thought… all right then, I’ll move to the moon. However more and more foreigners began to land on the moon and what made matters even worse was that along with disciples now there were a multitude of strangers as well! Eventually he became internationally renowned!

Finally the master thought of a solution. He told his students “The real guru cannot be found outside of you. The real guru is always present in your own mind. So if you have any questions ask your inner guru.”

That’s how the master solved his problem once and for all… and so did the Buddha, by leaving us his precious teachings – the Dharma.

The Dharma is representative of the Buddha. When you listen to the Dharma teachings it is equivalent to the Buddha speaking directly to you. Just like when you plug yourself into a network marketing training program you get yourself the path to the inner guru.

This is the key to duplication in network marketing… which leads to ‘international recognition’ and eventual success. Plug yourself into online network marketing education now! And move on to read about the third jewel (Sangha) and its secrets…


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