Buddhism and Network Marketing: The First Jewel, ‘Buddha’

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In case you are joining in now, please click here for the first article of this series.

In many of the teachings of the Buddha recorded in the sutras as well as in other texts by later masters, there are two major causes and conditions possible when we take refuge (adopt Buddhism). They are Fear and Faith.

Likewise in network marketing one would start professional networking because of Fear (of not having an alternate life income source) or Faith (either in the form of a personal dream or a conviction that network marketing is to the distribution industry what machines were to manufacturing and computers were to information exchange).

I think what I have written in brackets deserves a more detailed explanation.

You see the biggest revolution of the 19th century was mechanization – the industrial revolution – and fortunes were built. In the 20th century it was information and its dissemination that held the key to business growth and prosperity. Bill Gates and the Google duo are living testimony of the impact. Now, when products are made and their information is available online, the next major revolution can only be in the way these products are reached to the consumer. And the direct-to-consumer model finds favor with both the manufacturer and the consumer. It’s a win-win where the consumer makes the distribution margin and the manufacturer saves on advertising and gets unflinching loyalty.

This model is enabled by the creation of consumer networks (with a b-quadrant mindset) and that’s why network marketing is the 21st century revolution on the make.

Coming back to the ‘taking refuge’ part, what are the objects of taking refuge?

The three jewels – Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are our objects of refuge.

The word Buddha in Sanskrit refers to ‘blossoming’ or expansiveness. In the same way that the Buddha went through the stages of the path from an ordinary being, we ordinary people can also achieve the same result by following his example.

‘To become enlightened’ means to purify mental afflictions and habitual behaviors. And this is exactly what network marketing mentors also insist! “Look inside… the power of the mind is limitless”. “You can change the way you live by changing the way you think”. Purify mental afflictions and habitual behaviors. Listen to Kiyosaki on networking… and go on to read about the next jewel (Dharma) and its secrets…


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