Buddhism and Network Marketing: An Introduction

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I am starting this series of five articles while residing at the centre of Kagyu Buddhist activity at the Dharma Chakra Centre in Rumtek, Sikkim, India.

What brings me here?

A search for things you might not be particularly interested in (Qigong for instance). But what will fascinate you, as it did me, is the amazing similarity Buddhist philosophy has with network marketing principles and activities.

Why would this be interesting?

Because Buddhism is one of the few world religions we can put a date to, and the way it has – over a few centuries – created a silent revolution in spite of ups and downs, factions and fragmentation, it can only serve as inspiration for what I believe is the biggest revolution on the planet – Network Marketing. And we will be alive to witness (and possibly participate in) all of it!

What is network marketing is beyond the scope of this article though you could click the ink to learn more about it.

What is Buddhism? Well it is a doctrine of life practice that evolved from the teachings of Lord Buddha around 6th century BC and has grown as a religion though it is largely a philosophy with rituals and practices. Buddhism aims to bring benefit to countless sentient beings without differentiation – much like network marketing.

Buddhism originated in India but because of changes in the times and conditions it prospered in other places, particularly China, where it permeated and became an inseparable part of Chinese culture. Pretty much the same way, network marketing is embracing that region.

There is a saying, “The more the Dharma permeates, the more obstacles arise”. This means that in countries where the Dharma is more prosperous demonic obstacles arise even more! This is what happened in China, but fortunately through the great courage and conviction of the lineage forefathers (you might be one of them in the network marketing industry), all the obstacles were removed and the true Dharma lineage has survived.

In the next article I will bring you the three jewels of Buddhism and how you take refuge in them in a way very similar to how you’d go about successful network marketingClick here to access it.



  1. Duangkamol says:

    You know i was just saying that to a friend the other day. The success in internet marketing only comes when you help enough people to get theirs first.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Duang. Since you liked it, do share this article series with friends.

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