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Oh boy I am so happy with Hostgator I can scarcely write! Happy with their support actually. Over the last few days I have bungled so badly using a new blog building software I am learning, that I did stuff that wiped out everything I did on this blog before.

In fact this blog was down and I didn’t even know it! But as soon as a friend alerted me about that, I just thought of one recourse… Their helpline is alive 24/7 and they are the only ones I know are contactable (I can’t think of anyone to contact on wordpress for instance).

So I started my chat… and the agent was with me for a good 45 minutes studying the back end databases of my site exclusively. I had overwritten some stuff (this new blog building software is a great gizmo, but you must read the instructions carefully 🙂 ) and mangled the links. But (the mother blog – this one) was restored!

The only issue was I had been on a vacation and in 5 days of the site staying down, my alexa went for a complete toss. Having returned now and gotten back to work, I started experimenting with my new found software again. And again I bungled up some plugins.

Back to hostgator support… 7 minutes… New blog plugins back up and running.

Whew! What a relief! You can goof up your database (not recommended), your links (you’d be crazy to) or your plugins (why!!!) and hostgator can save you.

But don’t stretch your luck… it’s a little like bungy-jumping I suppose 😉 Play safe… and let me get back to my new blogging automation package!


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