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Today I had the good fortune (and good sense) to be at the “Millionaire Maker” Seminar hosted by a man who co-authored the “Chicken Soup” series of books. Time magazine has called the Chicken Soup series the publishing phenomenon of the century. This gentleman is also the author of the “Alladin factor” and entrepreneur in 7 different industries. The name is MVH… Mark Victor Hansen… and extols him as the ‘America’s Ambassador of Possibility’.

Mark had an interesting thing to say straight out. As he marketer, we must tell stories. He says you must learn how to tell your story fast and frequently. Understand persuasion. It takes 7 times before a person buys once.

Another nugget… Use pictures. Show the product. Most people think in images. Do it as visual download, sound bite, or through telephone access. The future of network marketing is on the phone and internet.

Mark related the story of his recent talking assignment in Thailand where people from all over East Asia had come to celebrate the awards ceremony of a networking company. This company was selling a course that promised learning ‘1500 words of English for $300’. This seminar was attended by people from Mongolia who had no concept of a plane… who got into one and spent a good 6 hours in it to get to the venue and learn… they got their passports made… many were taking their first trip outside their towns!

The significance of this vivid description was to convey the impact that the network marketing model was having around the world. The awardees drove out in their new Porches, selling a $300 English speaking product.

If you ask enough people you get the results. “All the innovations I’ve ever seen are in network marketing companies. Talk to 10 people a day. Have something they want to hear about”, says MVH.

As he was personally involved with several networking companies, Mark shared the line he used in response to the question, “what do you do?”. “I triple your income and double your time.” Saying so he would shut up. And the prospect would identify him/herself.

The opportunity Mark says is the telephone. There are 5 billion cellphones. Translations are happening on the fly. You can have a global business if you learn how to use it right. The goal he says is to be an influencer of influencers.

As homework Mark strongly urged participants to write down 101 goals like your life depended on it – in 20 minutes. So while I get down to that, I’d urge you to click the best network marketing training so you don’t miss future Seminars like this one.


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