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Yesterday this lady from facebook asked me to share a secret about the SEO work I have now started doing for a small fee. She wanted to know how I did so much of keyword research so fast and precisely… to be able to offer it as a freebie on a $10 charge. And since I shared the secret with her, I will tell you too… because you deserve to know as an Internet Marketer on my blog.

Fact is, thousands of marketers have already invested in Market Samurai, and armed with the tools inside Market Samurai, they are avoiding the mistakes that cause 99% of online marketers to fail – picking the wrong keywords, going into markets with too little traffic or too little value, or trying to break into markets that are far too competitive. As a result, they’ll profit where most others fail.

Here’s what Market Samurai does over and above the basics:

* Effectively analyzes your SEO competition instead of fighting and losing costly and time-consuming battles against almost unbeatable competitors.

* Finds relevant web content that fits your chosen keywords instead of being forced to research and write content the old way – from start-to-finish by yourself, or paying for outsourcing.

* Finds opportunities to build high-value backlinks to your content from relevant sites, practically on autopilot – including valuable blog pingback links.

The training at the Market Samurai back-office is exceptional to say the least. It equips you through 3 golden rules that nobody else will tell you (nobody didn’t tell me at least).

* SEO Golden Rule #1 – Pick keywords that ATTRACT TRAFFIC, and avoid 90% of all keywords that will NOT attract traffic.

* SEO Golden Rule #2 – Pick keywords that have COMMERCIAL VALUE, and avoid all of the unprofitable, useless-traffic keywords.

* SEO Golden Rule #3 – Pick keywords with LOW LEVELS OF COMPETITION – and avoid keywords that give you have no chance to get front-page Google rankings.

Only around 1% of all keywords fit within these 3 Golden Rules. So if you EVER want to drive free search engine traffic to your website, then without Market Samurai you’re playing “SEO Roulette” with the odds stacked against you at 100 to 1, trying to “GUESS” the right keywords to target!

Don’t get left behind by those that take action while you sit there and wonder. Make sure you also get Market Samurai… and if your drop your details in here I’ll work a way for you to get the ONLY drop-dead-deal on it… a FREE Trial! Click it now.


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