Are we on the same planet?

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If you had not come across the “Guru Blueprint course”, I would wonder.

But rather than wonder I’d like you to know that few sites at all garner as many as 5000+ comments from over 100,000 visitors in 14 days. The Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint blog is one of them. And it doesn’t even feature Britney Spears. In fact it’s about education!

So what makes it special? And why is it relevant for you to know?

Guru Blueprint is about developing high priced information products from the stuff you already know. Information products is where the world is headed. The quest for knowledge. CDs, videos, reports, e-learning, mastermind groups… the works. And since you have some domain expertise in some area, why not learn how to package it to make money out of it?

Evidently all the people visiting the blog agree… and are willing to put $1997 into the proven scripts, templates and tools that have had Eben Pagan generate over $100 million dollars online in the last 9 years.

After all when an authority like Eben is personally mentoring you with all you need to know to be a Guru in your domain, how can a you let a couple of thousand get in the way? You spent more on a high school education… and you know where it got you.

Moreover this deal is on a 30-day full refund + a ‘keep the materials you’ve downloaded’ policy!

And its sweetened by $17,000 worth of supplementary services I’m rendering for free. My services arise only if you enroll at this link of course (watch a video where Eben explains all this for free here… sample the guy).

You can also get heaps of information here

Needless to say Guru Blueprint is open for a very short window (perhaps till June 4) as the participant numbers are limited. Get down to earth 🙂


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