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Is it right you are looking for a business plan template? Excellent. You know your subject and you have conceived some sort of a revenue making system for it.

So what do you do from here on… how do the options look?

1. Look for a mentor who can guide you based on his/her experiences

2. Try various ways as come to mind and use the information available freely to develop your strategies

3. Share the rights to the product or revenue with an experienced joint venture partner

4. Pay USD 2000-5000 for a program that would hold your hand till your cash machine is buzzing

Here are some views on these alternatives…

Discovering a mentor means you pay someone to go along with you through the process until you have the idea rolling into cash. If you have more money than time, that’s the track I suggest. Besides, they’ll be able to tell you if you have a viable product or not. That alone could save you tons of time and effort. If an expert tells you that you need to tweak it here and there, you’ll reach your destination comfortably. Actually, I think that hiring experts to guide you through is best, even if you have to borrow the money.

The hit and trial method is best to go bust speedily. The only way you could survive that is if you’ve got plenty of time, so your business can sustain you until you figure out the new product idea.

Joint venturing with someone who has more knowledge and experience is a good idea too. Problem is, you’ll have to give up some of the profits, but that’s how big businesses are built. It’s all about leveraging your time and effort by working with other people.

But if you do not have connections with someone to partner with, or don’t have the time to find someone, you’d do best taking your idea to someone who had all the systems set up to help you get the product out professionally and in the minimum amount of time.

And this friend, is what the “Guru Blueprint” is all about. Yes, it may cost you in the range of option 4 but even with a measly $50 profit you’d be profitable in 100 sales.


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  1. Carl says:

    There is some great information in this post!
    It is so true what you say about finding poeple that can help you get to that place you want your company or product to be.

    We all need a little help at times, and you have put this in a way that shows us if you try to be an island in this industy, you will have an up hill battle on your hands.

    Thanks for reminding us on just how important this subject is. Will re-tweet this so more people and understand this topic better.


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