Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint: How To Make Money Marketing Your Ebooks And Information Products Online

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To address this subject Eben Pagan has brought out a video as he launched Guru Blueprint. In this he makes many interesting comments. One among them is the fact that his personal list of 200,000 people contributes to a business volume of 29 million dollars online.

That’s a lot of business sales for him, but he supports that with facts and figures from clickbank, which displays on its site the rollout of over one and a half billion dollars, being just a single e-product selling site.

Additionally he mentions that ebook sales have grown by 71% in the last year overtaking audio book sales too! And this is when 90% of the reading population does not read ebooks at all! He expects the ipad and kindle to increase those numbers further.

Not satisfied it’s big? Here’s more. Self help does 13 billion dollars annually growing at 10%. Information products account for about 400 billion. Personal coaching does 100 billion per annum. The site ezinearticles ranks 138 and ehow ranks 142 for site traffic. And wikipedia ranks at 6… so someone is surely looking for information.

So would it be a good thing to do, to delve into the information and advice market?There are many self made millionaires in this segment Eben says. He quotes Peter Drucker who believes that universities are on their way out only to be replaced by the multi-hundred billion dollar online education industry.

It only requires a computer and the internet to start off on creating an information business in your area of choice. You create value through articles and content for which the Guru Blueprint takes you step by step.

According to Harvey McKay, by the age of 38 an average wage earner will be put through 10 to 14 different job roles. This points to a huge and growing need for information and online learning.

So how does one start an information marketing business? There are 3 steps Eben outlines. The first is to figure out what you know that’s valuable. Second is to target your niche of people who are looking to solve those problems. And step three is building your presence systematically online.

But there’s a catch. And that is the one big mistake most people make right off the bat. At minute 25 of the 33-minute video reviewed here you will find the answer. Access the video by filling out the MEET EBEN form on the Guru Blueprint website. As a bonus you shall get the way to step 1 (knowing your strength) in a free exercise template along with the video. Trust me, you would never have thought that way before.

So what are you waiting for?



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