The conspiracy against your money

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The largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind is currently underway. 99.9% of the world will never even get a whiff of this.. until there is nothing they can do about it. While you play with your kids… while you sleep… while you go to work… money is passing hands that could well be yours.

How is this happening? Where? Why?

In the next 5 to 10 years more than 50 trillion dollars will change hands globally. And this is how it began… in September 2008, with the US economy reaching a near complete implosion, the country has gone 100 trillion dollars in debt. According to David Walker, US Comptroller, tax rates will have to rise to 70% just to keep making the interest payments in the years to come.

There are only two solutions… to devalue the dollar or default on the debt. And you will understand this better when you understand the cracking up of the strongest cartel that ran the banking system independent of the US Government; the Federal Reserve. The Fed no longer wields the authority it once did due to the economic collapse and with it, banking across the nation. The consequent credit rise and rampant debt has crippled ordinary folks.

All the Fed’s power could do nothing to prevent the great depression of subsequent recessions. Fractional reserve banking which gives banks leverage was also a result of the Fed. And that leverage has been working against the lay-consumer.

Add to this the shattering of the gold standard. No currency across the world is backed by gold as it was originally meant to be. Consequently currency notes are just paper bills. And soon to be toilet paper as happened in Germany 50 years ago and currently is happening in Zimbabwe.

And then the thing nobody is telling you about is hyper-inflation. Underemployment. And the fact that more millionaires were created out of the great depression than ever before. And the same will be happening now. We are in a greater depression and this is global. The billionaires will emerge all over.

How can you position yourself on top of these eventualities? The right knowledge. Timely action. Listen to this 55 minute audio of crying significance NOW. And continue into explore the conspiracy against your money. (Note: You’ll need ID # 10060 to access).

To safeguard yourself and family as an entrepreneur on the right side, watch this.



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    This information matches very well with what was written by Lynn Twist in her book ” Soul Of Money”.

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