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Hmmm… an abs work out review on the Truth About Abs. That’s what you’re looking for…

For starters, just know that I talk straight. I hate mincing words and like it or not, the facts will fly in your face.

FIRST FACT: You could grow old and weary before you find another unbiased review online. Everyone wants to cash off on what sells rather than tell it as it is. I am not bothered whether I sell or don’t. I’d rather you know it as it is.

So what’s Truth About Abs? Truth About Abs is a program devised by Mike Geary and promoted through TruthAboutAbs.com and The Truth About Six Pack Abs, Busy Man Fitness.com. All these programs have made insane amounts of money…

Click here if you wish to skip this review and look up Truth About Abs for yourself.

Moving on, fact is Truth About Abs topped the charts as the best selling e-book at Clickbank, which in another way implies a lot of people have been marketing the course.

Personally, I’d always do a background check on any product myself before concluding anything. So here I had to see if Truth About Six Pack Abs lived to its promise. And I can tell you it did – but not hook line and sinker.

Frankly, it was a great read but I had heard or read much of it earlier. To be fair, I loved some of Mike’s suggestions on home workouts. It was fun to practice and execute…

Getting deeper into the Truth About Abs
Once more, may I remind you that this is not a promo gig. The details here will help you arrive at a reasonably balanced  decision.

What will you be getting?
You will get an ebook. This is essentially a training manual on how to get the abs you want. No software and no extra frills.

What are the differences?
Busy Man Fitness is designed for the home workout, while Truth About Abs is focused on exercises at the gym. It doesn’t reveal any “secrets” but certainly and effectively dispels myths.

If it is a couch-potato way to a six-pack you’re seeking, this is not for you. You have to work out to get results. However, if you already work out and can’t seem to get the six-pack, this is a boon for you.

In my trial the drama was limited. I did not lose 7 inches in 11 weeks, but after 3 months, my abs did start to show.

Here are 4 major things you will learn:

  • The exact science behind getting defined abs
  • Proper Diet & Nutrition
  • Over 50 exercises
  • The myth that cardio is the “answer”

Besides this there is lots of information, and you could be drowned in it.

In a nutshell, you will gather that nothing useful happens without waiting and applying. No gain without pain.

Click Here to hop across to the Truth About Abs page

In conclusion…

In case you seriously desire a visible six-pack abs and have no issues putting in the effort at the gym or home, go for this. Otherwise, save your money!


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