Where to get auto insurance quotes free online

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Getting competitive vehicle insurance quotes can be a tedious exercise if one has to contact different vendors and analyze the facts for oneself. But now, with some great sites available online, the process is really simple and quick.

The link above compiles quotes from a variety of companies. All you do is feed your zip code and multiple carriers will show up their comparatives. There is no charge for this service and you need not divulge any personal information either (license / social security number).

Of course 3 areas of information help give you the right quote. They are ‘Driver Information’ such as age, marital status, gender and driving history. Companies use this info to evaluate the risk of the driver. ‘Vehicle Information’ such as the year, make, model and garaging address are important to quote the cost of insurance for property damage / theft. And obviously, the ‘Coverage’ you choose needs to be specified since that impacts the price of the policy. Higher coverage and limits, would attract higher the premiums.

When you compare the quotes you receive, you will like to compare prices… but make sure you check the same coverage amount and factor in extras like towing / rentals, deductibles and liabilities. Next you’d want to compare the financial strength / stability of the insurer. And finally look for service. When you may need a claim, it must be easy and prompt… even if that costs a little extra.

But if you’re looking for the cheapest policies, please pay heed to coverage. Some coverage may be unnecessary and expensive, and you can use your discretion in taking it up. Also, some insurances could be costly since they belong to high risk categories like ‘sports’. Having many vehicles on one policy is good to get discounts and reduce rates. Furthermore, ‘good driver discounts’ for people with good driving records are also great to claim.

Especially for Californians, CA auto ins is a great place to go. And for pan-US, you’ll find the best Allstate insurance reviews at this link. All said and done, the way to do auto insurance now is online!



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