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"Seriously?" she asked in wonderment.

"Of course, what else?" I replied a wee bit bewildered. That’s what happens to you when you are bewildered inside and let only a wee bit show up on your face. "Lots of people make money with an online income all over the internet. In fact my first friend and mentor online is a multi-millionaire and yours will be soon", I continued, alluding to myself in the last part with obvious physical gestures.

"Nonsense, there’s no money online… only scamsters. Tell me how you make money online. What’s your income?"

Now this dame was quite pushy for someone you’ve just met at a party. I just said "I make money with online income" between sips of my Bacardi and she was peering into my wallet already! Whew!

"Well ma’am… er what’s your name?" "Rita" "Aah Rita, suppose I said I make a few thousand dollars every month online, what would you say?" And she said the predictable thing… "I’d like to make that too."

"Sure… would you be willing Rita, to research a few sites I write out on this napkin" I asked, yanking the papyrus off the passing waiter’s tray rather presumptiously.


"Ok, so the first thing would be to understand ecommerce that you can handle personally… how much are you willing to invest in learning?"

"Maybe 1000 to 1200 dollars to start off" she replied quite sensibly. Any course would cost that even if for a few weeks in the terrestrial world.

"So here’s one to start with. This will cost you $500 but will equip you with every free marketing tool you need to succeed in selling anything online. Paid tools will also be covered with all theĀ  little known secrets about them. It’s called the ‘viral content magic online course ‘ and you can google it up."

"Hmmm… so I will learn how to market any business or products online with this program, will I?"

"Absolutely!" I replied happy with her receptivity. "Next, you’ll need to get a product to start marketing with, and a coach to guide you step by step. For this, buy an application kit and business-in-a-box (BiB) from This will cost you $450 and you’ll pick up an autoresponder tool , server space and a magnetic sponsoring book as essentials from the site… just to set your business up correctly. All that would be about $120, leaving you with money to spare. Now what would you like to do with that?"

"Well, that you’re finished drinking, let’s get out of this place and blow the money at a night club… what say?"

Hmmm… here’s a babe who really knows ‘why’ to make money with an online income, I thought as we sped away! Trust you have your reasons too!


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