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Today morning I got a call from a celebrity-sort-of-guy in NJ who had been reading my blog and following my movements on facebook. He said "Sandeep I believe you are an Internet pro and I want to know how this works."

"How what works?" I said. "This Internet thing", he said. "You mean how to use the Internet to make money?" I asked. "Yes, more or less", he replied.

Now I had a flashbulb moment. I had thought anyone online, especially my friends on facebook, would be making money all right. It was just whether they would be making as much as I do… which is just a function of what one does online. But to be spending so much time online and not making anything… well, isn’t that a pitiful waste of time?

I thank my caller for this post. For one, he established to me that anyone, no matter how successful, is always open to new ideas… which they would like to pursue with people they trust. Second, that there might be many of my friends still itching to get started with their first buck.

Five months ago I had done a video on learning the basics of Internet marketing . You can click the link for it. The idea was to get the right training for online business and then roll it out into anything you’d like to do.

I gave my caller an example. Doing online business is like doing business in a mall. How much you spend and how much you earn depends on what you do with a space you have. If you operate a McDonald’s franchise in that space you’ll be told exactly what to do and exactly how to earn. If you open a jewelry store instead, well, it’s a different ball game in the same space.

Likewise, e-commerce. Nothing worthwhile is free. But business training is available (ahem, that’s me ;-)). What to do and how to succeed. In fact, that’s what my blog is all about anyway.

So my caller finally asked, "how much do you think I can earn?" "Good question" I said, "how many miles do you think you can drive on the American roads?" He laughed as he understood. There’s no limit… you just got to learn how to drive… from the right person !


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  1. Ravi says:

    One needs the energy to understand the internet functioning and marketing plans. He needs to be exceptionally patient, one of the reasons why a lot are very sceptical about the same on the net.

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