What Makes The Network Marketing Opportunity Revolutionary?

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During a conversation yesterday, with a couple in my network marketing business, I happened to think, “To live in the 21st century and have a network marketing opportunity in your hands is somewhat like living in the renaissance times and having a printing press.” Both opportunities – for network marketing and printing – require training to harness their potential. Both have the capacity to influence millions of people. And both need to garner social proof before the public at large adopts them in their lifestyles.

Network marketing opportunities are a little trickier than printing though because they are intangible. Unlike the printed paper that is tangible proof of a better means to communicate, network marketing is based on the intangible ‘dream’ which is not standard from person to person. And this is what brings up the challenge in belief.

I advocate network marketing meetings as the best means to acquire the belief in oneself, one’s upline team and in the network marketing business one has as well. Attending meetings is the most non-invasive means to shift one’s thinking and thus mindset and thus lifestyle. Attending a meeting every week is not uncommon in social and spiritual circles, so why not attend them when it comes to one’s own mind and personal finance? Moreover, once we agree that network marketing requires ‘training’, attending meetings is akin to attending classes, which one does without question in a business school.

The lady amidst this couple expressed a dream to run a company where she’d have lots of people out on the field marketing her designs for her. Fascinating! Having done that myself, I know the stress associated with ensuring collections from the market, timely salary payments, juggling creditors, apportioning taxes, and the works. But how can one explain this to someone who has not been through the grind of an S-quadrant business ? How does one explain the beauty of the network marketing model where each member is a volunteer, working exclusively for his dreams, doing the right things so others can follow, and thus create huge networks through which an army of volunteers moves substantial product?

Dogged with this question I ruminated over my printing press analogy again. Voila! This morning it struck! The members of network marketing teams often get obsessed with the ‘printing press’ itself, which they think of as the key thing. That’s like thinking of the ‘company’ (Amway, in my case) as the key thing. But if you look at the renaissance, what caused the revolution was not the press, but in fact the writings on the papers that could be circulated far and wide as a consequence. These ‘writings’ are our dreams. They move us to do the things we must do. In the way we must do them.

For the lady I mentioned, the Rich dad approach to business would far outweigh the Poor dad approach to fulfill the same objective (of having lots of people working to build her designing business). Instead of recruiting ‘employees’ she would learn recruiting prospective ‘business owners’, who are people with dreams and willing to work for them. What she would say to them would be the ‘writings on her papers’. And if she took upline help, she’d probably never get that part wrong. A singular message would flow through the organization so established. Like the singular message against the doctrines of the dark ages that resulted in the renaissance.

The printing press was the means then. The alternate distribution system – using network marketing opportunities – is the means now! Are you watching what’s happening or making it happen?

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