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Guy Kawasaki’s book "Selling the Dream" is crucial to start internet business or MLM because the entrepreneur has to sell the dream to him or herself first to stay motivated. That’s why if you are into any online business opportunities or network marketing read this book review at least.

The book is a blue print on how you can "evangelize" or sell your dreams and ideas to other people. It also tells you how to convince people to be as passionate about your cause as you are.

Evangelism is the practice of convincing people to believe in your product or idea as much as you do. It means selling your dream by using passion, dedication, guts and cunning.

By selling the dream, you are transforming a vision into a cause and getting people interested into sharing your cause. It is more powerful than traditional sales because it involves sharing ideas, insights and hope rather than achieving personal gains.

Evangelism Goals

* Evangelism yields long-lasting and dramatic changes.
* Evangelism sustains itself.
* Evangelism grows.

The starting point for all evangelism is a cause – its reason for being. Cause can do five things:

1. Embody a vision.
2. Make people better.
3. Generate big effects that change lives.
4. Catalyze selfless actions.
5. Polarize people – when you shake up the status quo, people could either love you or hate you.

The leader provides the vision for an organization or company, and motivates its members. It requires a person to:

* Believe in the vision.
* Understand, grow and sustain the vision.
* Believe in people.
* Set an inspiring example.
* Share the cause.

Angels are individuals who share your vision and provide emotional support, expert advice, and sometimes financial aid to help you achieve your vision. Some places to find the "angels" are foundations and the community action programs of large corporations for social causes, boardrooms of large companies, among retired executives and successful network marketers .

Try to look for angels who are:

* Pure – personal satisfaction for helping a cause is the motivation for him.
* Experienced.
* Realistic.
* Outspoken.
* Connected – they have influential and powerful friends who can help your organization raise money and gain credibility.

The four qualities that typify an evangelist are:

* Called not driven – they believe in and set out to further the cause.
* Committed.
* Attract people into the cause.
* Willing to listen.

These people provide the focal point for the cause. Ignorance, inertia or conservatism is considered Conceptual enemies, while other companies, organization or people are Tactical enemies.

Tactical enemies can be an asset as they add legacy, focus and rally members, provide quantifiable milestones and help defeat shared conceptual enemies.

For becoming an Evangelist first find your cause. A cause is like a goal or a map. Without it, you waste your time, money and efforts. In effect doing more harm than good. People join causes to do the right thing, to feel good about something or to contribute, prove themselves or in some way enrich their lives. Here are the methods of finding a cause:

* Anticipating a need – the ability to foresee people’s need before they are actually aware of that need.
* Filling an existing need – giving a solution to an existing / obvious problem.
* Finding a need – finding a problem to solve with something you have discovered or invented.
* Piggybacking on other causes – strengthening and widening your cause by aligning / linking with another cause.
* Being found by a cause.

Having identified this, the bulk of the book is about planning and implementing Evangelism . And applying it to relationships. Powerful and practical strategies for the leaders of society.

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  1. Sam says:

    Beware of selling your soul in trying to get others to see your dream . Common mistake is to think everyone wants to own a business like yours and therefore you end up convincing yoursel that your dream is real . That is the slippery slop that the Devil lives on . KNow your business before you sign up for a voyage on the Titanic . Make certine it is a voyage to abundance and the only way you will know this is to do your research on the company , the products and the pay plan . Don’t fall for any get rich quick scams. Hold on to your wallets and purses . Don’t believe every fairytail story that you hear. It is OK to make the storyteller prove it with facts and it is OK to ask someone how much they are making in the so called million dollar program, after all they are asking you to partner up with them on this adventure . Don’t hold your togue . Speak your mind . and don’t ever be shy when it comes to having to pay someone to work for them .

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