Crazy people are throwing dollar bills away

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Everyone knows we ‘MLM guys’ are a bit weird. Especially in our ways to “attract people to MLM”. But this one takes the cake and the bakery and the baker’s wife!

I know of a certain gentleman who prints his business cards on 100 dollar bill look-alikes. They are folded, odd-sized and thick, with no number and no details on the reverse. So there’s no chance of mistaking these for real. But boy, you find one like that on the pavement and you’d step out of your Mercedes Benz to pick it up (!)

Dollar Bill Business Card

Needless to say, these ‘bills’ have been attracting the attention of lots of people… who flip them over and get a message… and our friend’s website address. Out of curiosity they visit the website… and a totally automated process of attracting people to MLM takes over!

But jeez, you may ask, would I really like to put my name on a dollar card and throw it about on pavements? The answer is no. What you might want to do is visit half a dozen bookstores in your area every week… and pop your cards into every copy of Cashflow Quadrant, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, Business School, Why We Want You To Be Rich…

Who do you think reads such books? Yes, you got it! Place your cards intelligently exactly where your prospect will see them in the right frame of mind. Imagine, when she turns to the chapter on ‘Prosperity’ suddenly your card drops into her lap! Voila! She’d be thrilled. And then she would read behind the card; “Want hundreds of real ones like these by working from at home? Visit ” Do you think she would visit? My friend will tell you how hundreds like her call him excitedly every week.

Of course, this is only one trick and one message. Pop in your details and you can get an entire truckload of tips to build any network marketing business . 30 emails over 30 days giving step by step directions to profit from the Internet. Your details will be absolutely confidential with us. No spam.

First name:

And yes, if you want to order your own dollar bills cards (and get some more tips for free!) click the link below.

Dollar Bill Business Cards

Start attracting people to your MLM like never before. Hurry! The mint closes soon 🙂


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