Don’t Compete — Instead Complete

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What I just love about network marketing in particular and the B-quadrant / abundance thinking in general is that there in no need to ‘compete’ with each other. We in fact spend our energy to ‘complete’ each other… because there is so much to do and so many lives to positively impact.

My friend and associate Ferny , who is the Guru of search engine optimization (SEO) and runs the company that handles the SEO for the multi-million dollar internet operations of Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek , to name a few, has produced this fantastic video… FYI

Now, I daresay after watching this you do get the picture too. We want to collaborate with you because you are valuable dear reader. You are significant. It is your left-quadrant education that might make you think otherwise, or suspect our motives.

But here’s a final thought on this… have you ever heard of any scion of the families of the Fords, Roosevelts, Ambanis, Mittals, Gates or Waltons applying for ‘competitive’ exams? Come, enjoy the B-quadrant 🙂



  1. Dan H says:

    Hey Sandeep – great post! No question about it, Ferny is an SEO stud. This guy really knows his stuff on a pretty complex topic.

  2. adam taha says:

    Hey Sandeep

    Love the headline. Caught my eye. Very true and it works. Ferny is spot on. Dan is right. He knows his stuff with SEO.

  3. Jennifer says:


    Thanks for sharing this. Very valuable information.

  4. SEO says:

    Hey Sandeep,

    Thanks a ton for spreading the good word. This is what I’m talking about.

    Good people, promoting each other and helping each other out.


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