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This post is created to save your comments about the page on Nature .

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  1. shyamala says:

    Hi! What a beautiful way of interpreting nature and have it into our day-to-day working psychology! You have simplified many concepts for me. The mechanic and sculptor is great

  2. Ameish says:

    Simply too good !! The video is out of this world !!

  3. vibha says:

    Very well put up! the connection between the nature and the oneness. the 5 constituents are simplified to clarity. yeah we all are the products of energy and learning to align with it is the journey of truth.

    I also loved “inatearinghurry”!!!
    Kindly elaborate S.O.U.L

  4. Thomas says:

    A great way to bring nature into to the real world.

    Excellent stuff Sandeep.

    I hope you take a deeper look into Unicity, you very well might find some similarities.

    Yours Truly!

  5. Ashutosh vyas says:

    Its was really Beautiful, I really loved reading and feeling .
    Thank you .

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